Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Go-Go Party! 'Cause yer mama is back!

Wah-hoo!! It's almost been a year, how could a wild mama can keep silence that long? Sorry my wild asses, now its time to take your hearts out of your sweet chests..
I'm back with a wildly errrotic and wildly incrrredible compilation, GO-GO PARTY!
Mama can guess your needs and gotta feed you, i know its summer again and new dicks & tits keeps getting in to your life so you need a dirty noise to shake your hips with for 'em!

And here is the reason why i've chosen this comp to full your ears!

Hell yea! Sado-Maso! This comp is full with French freaks, the dirty accent of wildhood is gonna make the dicks you're about to hold as errrrected as the Eifel Tower, ah!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Primtive, thats how we live!

Psycho Beach Party

As you can clearly see in the trailer, this one is the wildest beach movie recently produced. it's not only because of homicides ,wild teens and b-movie stars but also with its great soundtracks. When i saw Los Straitjackets in, i was shocked and couldnt stop myself to stand up and start to do a wild wild twist. So this great&wild, sick&surf compilation belongs to here!

Surf's Up!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Rockin' Boppin' Ladies!

Your wild mama knows that the Wild & Hot sun of summer builds up the passion of wild wild rock'n'roll inside. So here your bloody breakfast is! Listen this bopper ladies while wearing your swimsuits and let the wild tunes gather in your ear while your wild ladies doing you the bikini dance or your wild gentlemen shaking his sweet ass in his slinky trunks with the sunset.

Here itis the menu of your wild breakfast;
  • Wynona Carr - Touch & Go
  • Ruth Brown - Mama, He Treats Your Daugther Mean
  • Janis Martin - Barefoot Baby
  • Lorne Lesley - Bloodshot Eyes
  • Patti Page - I'm Walkin'
  • Annita Tucker - Hop Skip And Jump
  • Shirley Caddel - The Big Bounce
  • The Five De Marco Sisters - The Hot Bacarolle
  • Brenda Lee - Little Jonah
  • Ella Mae Morse - Razzle Dazzle
  • Jeanette Baker - Crazy With You
  • Betty Johnson - Honky Tonk Rock
  • Janice Peters - A Girl Likes
  • Pat O'Day - All Love Broke Loose
  • Mari Jones - Riba Daba Do
  • Lilian Vines - I Dreamed About My Baby Last Night
  • Pat Clayton - I Said No
  • Shari Dee - No Feeling Any More
  • Dolly Lyon - Palm Of Your Hand
  • Anna Valentino - On A Tropical Island
  • Marga Benitez - Geechie Goomie
  • Barbara Simpson - Waiting For My Baby
  • Shirley McLaine & John Goldfarb - Please Come Home
  • Amanda Love - You Keep Calling Me By Her Name

Friday, May 1, 2009

Rita - Erotica! -7"-

The most amazing and sexy moanings that you can ever hear! Rita is going to shiver your bones you sickos! This is a "Sexologie" by big sexy mama ! Hear the PORNO!
'cause we learnt music from Porns!

Friday, April 24, 2009


Wild Wild Mama

Tittyshakers Jukebox!

Gotta take off your funny clothes and start to shake that titties as wild as you can! For the titties who never get tired of r'n'r and love the pain that make it feel like blast off! It's the time to take that love bombs out!

Shake it wild!